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Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Coffeemaker with Hot Water Dispensing | Model# 49982

Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Coffeemaker with Hot Water Dispensing | Model# 49982

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Whether you?re getting breakfast ready for the family or pouring yourself a cup, the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker & Hot Water Dispenser can help you streamline the morning rush. That?s because it?s two appliances in one ? a 12 cup coffee maker and a hot water dispenser. Separate water reservoirs means the two sides operate independently of each other, so you can brew a pot of coffee while using the one-hand hot water dispenser to make tea, cocoa or instant cereals. Both sides can be programmed up to 24 hours in advance, and the 2-hour automatic shutoff makes for one less thing to worry about as you?re heading out the door. Programmable to fit your schedule, flexible to fit your needs ? now that?s Good Thinking. Key Features: ? Make coffee & dispense hot water at the same time ? Program both sides independently of each other ? One-hand hot water dispensing ? 12 cup coffee maker ? Cone filter for better taste ? Free #4 cone filters included The Cone Filter Advantage Cone filters allow for better coffee extraction because the shape allows for water to travel more evenly through the coffee. Some basket shaped filters can have dry spots, which could compromise taste. Experience the enhanced taste of cone-filter extraction with the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker & Hot Water Dispenser, which also includes a free pack of #4 cone filters. (image: 49982-inset05) Save time in the morning with two appliances in one. Make up to 12 cups of fresh coffee while heating up water for tea and hot cereals at the same time. Programmable For Your Schedule Want your coffee ready before you make oatmeal? No problem. Both the coffee maker and the hot water dispenser have separate, easy programming options. Large 32 oz. Water Capacity Make multiple cups of tea or large servings of oatmeal without having to refill the tank. At 32 oz., the hot water dispenser?s capacity is twice as big as similar products but still heats up in under five minutes. 12 Cup Coffee Maker ? Programmable for wake-up coffee ? Cone filter for better taste ? Regular or bold brew strength ? Automatic pause & serve ? Automatic shutoff One-Hand Hot Water Dispenser ? Large 32 oz. capacity ? Easy to dispense with one hand ? Programmable ? Perfect for tea, hot cocoa, or instant cereal ? Ready light ? Automatic shutoff.Hamilton Beach 12-Cup Coffeemaker with Hot Water Dispensing:Makes coffee, tea, cocoa, oatmeal, soup and more2 heaters and 2 reservoirsEach side operates independentlyProgrammable for wake-up ready coffeeAutomatic pause and serve2-hour automatic shutoffChoose from regular, bold or 1- to 4-cup settingsBack-lit digital displayHot water dispenser: 32 oz reservoir capacityEasy 1-hand dispensing leverProgrammable for wake-up ready hot waterHot water ready indicator lightEnough space to dispense into a bowl, cup or travel mug1-year limited warrantyModel# 49982


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